3 Effective Techniques of Getting Targeted Facebook Fans

targeted Facebook fansThere are endless ways of attracting people to become a fan to your Facebook business page. However, there are only a few ways that are quite effective in capturing well targeted Facebook fans.  Having plenty of fans may be good because they can give your business added credibility due to the massive amount of followers. Other than that, the colossal number of followers is only good for as long as fans are socially active.

Unfortunately, not all fans will give you the social signals that you are hoping for from them since some of the fans are either no longer active or non-targeted to your niche. While non-targeted fans still keep on following your page, they will not participate in the discussion boards, and they will not give you Facebook likes and shares.

The main reason for this is quite obvious. They did not find your contents worth liking because they are far from their interests, or they did not find it useful at all. Therefore, the benefits of having them as part of your fanbase is only limited to giving your business added popularity.

In order to enjoy the full benefits of having a huge Facebook fanbase, it is important to focus your fan-generation campaign to capturing only fans that are laser-targeted to your niche. This will improve not only your click-through-rate but your conversion rate, as well. Here are some of the techniques that you can use to capture targeted fans in Facebook.

Methods of Getting Facebook Fans that Work

Advertise with Facebook

One of the fastest methods of capturing more fans is Facebook advertising. This will give your business page better traction in expanding its exposure to more prospective fans. The good thing about adverting is that you are doing it within the network itself. Thus, your audiences are already targeted Facebook users.

Aside from that, Facebook’s advertising platform allows you to filter your audience where the ads will be shown to, thereby improving the chances of getting more targeted followers.


Another effective technique is outside of the network and in your website. By regularly publishing highly informative posts that are relevant to your business, you can quickly convert readers into fans. In your blog posts, ask your readers to follow you in Facebook in order to get similar contents from you. This works well especially if you are offering some perks and freebies to motivate people to start following you in Facebook.

This method is widely used by many successful entrepreneurs and big businesses alike, particularly those with many loyal customers. You can convert your customers into fans by just asking them to follow your FB page in order to get regular updates on seasonal bargains and lucrative promotional deals. You may also opt to reward them if they will become your fan. So be creative in your blogging strategies in order to lure more readers to become your fans.

Buy Targeted Facebook Fans

Also a good option is to simply buy fans. There are a couple of genuine companies today that will give you targeted paid fans. Just like Facebook advertising, some service providers will let you filter the type of fan that you would like to get.

Examples of such filters are age, gender, interests, and demographics. Therefore, use the services of agencies with filters because this is one of the important signs that tell about the quality of fans that you shall be getting from them.

The above strategies are by no means the only methods that work. There are other techniques of capturing targeted Facebook fans, but you can already do well and give your Facebook campaign better traction using the methods above.


Buy Facebook Fans for Better Website Visibility

buy Facebook fansBuying fans in Facebook is a common practice today not just by bloggers but by big and famous companies as well. Every year, successful webmasters are spending thousands of dollars just to buy Facebook fans in order to expand their social presence and to reach out to a wider audience. In fact, even government agencies like the U.S. State Department are involved in such activities.

Based on a report by Huffingtonpost, the United States Department of State spent around $630,000 for its social campaign that involves buying Facebook likes and fans among others. The worst part is many of the fans were found to be fake, causing the investment nil and void.

It is important to note that buying social fans may be a worthwhile investment but this can also be a waste of money if not done right. Majority of the marketers simply use the services of bogus companies with lucrative promises and offers yet the quality of their services is bad. Some agencies are even fake because they will only give you fake fans that do not, obviously, interact and socialize.

Despite the presence of many bogus companies in the market place, there are also a couple of real and genuine businesses that provide top-notch quality service. They will not give you fake followers but real people that truly interact and regularly socialize via shares, likes, and comments.

Buy Facebook Fans to Expand Your Global Footprint

There are many ways your fans in Facebook can help you widen the global footprint of your business, without them knowing how much they have helped you grow your business. They are listed as follows:

Facebook Likes

One of the many benefits of having a lot of fans is the higher chances of getting likes on your shared contents. Social likes can quickly make any content with eye-catching headline go viral. When a person likes a webpage, the liked blog post will be automatically shown in the timeline of the person who liked the content.

Consequently, all fans of that person will see the liked webpage and some of them will be lured to click the page in order to see why such content was liked. Some are just curious to find out why the content was shared and liked.

A typical Facebook user has an average of 130 fans, but some have thousands to hundreds of thousands. You can just imagine the extent of exposure a single Facebook like will do to a webpage. This alone is enough reason to buy Facebook fans.

Facebook Share

Another way fans can help expand your business is through social share. A Facebook share is like a referral to your business. The fact that they shared your content, it means that they liked it so much that they want their followers to read it too. Since they were referred by a person that they are following, there is higher chance that they will read the post as well.

In sales, referrals are powerful marketing tool. It is more effective in converting prospects into customers since it is sometimes treated as a vote of trust by the referring person, which is enough to convince them to buy the product or avail of the service.

Positive Comments

Comments are, likewise, among the reasons why you should buy fans. As your fan-base grows, you will also observe more comments in your shared posts coming from active followers. Take note that comments are among the social signals that search engines are using to assess the popularity of the site. They reflect the quality of the post due to its effectiveness in triggering readers to interact via comments.

While there are other reasons why people are buying fans, the remarkable benefits of getting likes, more shares, and many comments are enough reasons to convince many marketers to buy Facebook fans. It’s no wonder then that even government agencies are doing it.

Cheap Facebook Likes Risks and Rewards

Cheap Facebook likesWhile there are awesome rewards of buying cheap Facebook likes and fans, there are some risks, as well. It is best to properly weigh in the options in order to better assess if this method of marketing is truly beneficial to the business or not.

One of the common social marketing pitfalls is buying fans and likes without bothering to carefully check the background of the agency that provides such services. As a result, many fell victim to the bogus offers of inept companies, thereby rendering their hard-earned investments fruitless.

However, you can avoid these common pitfalls by knowing, beforehand, the risks and rewards of buying social signals such as likes, fans, and comments.

Risks of Buying Fans and Likes in Facebook

Get Fake Fan

One of the common risks associated with buying social fans is getting fake fans. Once they become a fan of your Facebook page, you will see no activity from them. In fact, if you take a look at their profile, their timeline is actually empty. This is a clear sign that such account is a phony.

Many counterfeit companies are involved in this method of business. They have software that lets them quickly give you the desired number of fans with just a click of a button.  Others will mix real and fake fans in order to add credibility to their offers.

As of March 2013, Facebook reported that the network already enjoys having more than 1.1 billion active users. However, this figure is far from accurate. Only about 900 million users are real humans, while the rests are either duplicates or not humans at all such as pets and brands.

In 2012, Facebook reported that about 1.5% of its users are inactive. Some of them were made just to follow people or to like pages because they were paid to do so. Thus, this bogus scheme is real and you if you don’t do your research right, you might end up the next victim of these rip-off companies.

Get Fake Likes or No Likes at All

Just like fake fans, getting fake Facebook likes is another risk. While they can like your page, they will usually do it only once and after that you will hear nothing from them ever again.

If you opt to buy fans and you ended up getting fake ones, these fans will not like any of your page since there is no real human behind such account. Therefore, it defeats one of the main purposes of getting more fans, which is to get more likes and more comments from them.

Rewards of Buying Cheap Facebook Likes and Fans

Better Online Visibility

If you are diligent enough to research the best service provider, you will reap the rewards of buying Facebook fans. One of them is better online visibility. Fans can help widen the scope of your business by talking about your webpage in varied online discussions, thereby making the content go viral.

SEO Benefits

Another significant benefit is the higher chances of getting more likes to your business page.  They can also help in making your blog socially active through comments. This is beneficial to search engine optimization, especially nowadays where social signals are now included as one of the ranking factors.

Webpages with so many social activities such as likes, shares, and comments will be construed by the search engine bots as popular. This will also reflect the quality of the post and of the information shared in the content due to its popularity. As a result, search engines may give the popular post higher raking position, thereby pushing the site closer to the front page.


In a nutshell, buying fans is an investment. Just like any investment, there are rewards and risks. So properly balance the pros and cons in order to come up with a better decision on whether you should buy cheap Facebook likes and fans or not.